Must-have Travel Apps For 2019

Before we start packing for our next trip, there are some things that we cannot forget and it’s not the toothbrush. When going on a trip the most vital is item the passport, followed by credit card, but how could we forget about the phone?

Technology and holidays

Technology changed a lot about how we live, from how we eat to how we travel. Either you want to order a burger within minutes or learn a new language at a conversational level, our phones are more than a communication device.

How to choose?

Technology advances grow fast and there are a lot of apps out there that can help your every step. Sometimes is hard to choose from a list of endless options because how do you know what’s the most efficient and closest to your needs?

Here’s a list of the best travel applications for your trips so you don’t have to worry about this.

  1. Renatal24h

This is the ultimate app for renting cars and it’s available in USA and airports worldwide. Renting cars shouldn’t ruin your trip and this app makes everything easier. Find car rentals near you with this Android App.

Best for: renting cars quick in unknown places.


  1. Waze

In the same note, Waze helps you get rid of traffic and alert you of any accidents and jams. Also, it gives you the estimated time of arrival so you can easily plan your trip and there’s a large variety of GPS voices for your preferences.

Best for: driving in unknown cities.

  1. CityMapper

Because location and coordination are key factors for a good trip, CityMapper is a very efficient and user friendly app for the public transport and not only. You can see what are the best options to reach your destination, either by walking, Uber or public means of transport and also find out the prices.

This application works in a variety of big cities worldwide and offers real time information, including departure times or any occurring problems.

Best for: Public transport in new cities.


  1. FoodSpotting

With this app you can find the exact dishes you want and crave, regardless of your location. It tells you where to find that tomato soup or juicy steak, with reviews from experts or other foodspotters and with deadly photos of the food.

Best for: Finding out exactly what you want to eat.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor might be the Bible of travelling and leisure. It uses your location to find the best rated hotels, restaurant, touristic attractions and holiday rentals near you. Also, it’s a good tool for you to do your research and plan your trip ahead with only the best options out there.

Best for: Pretty much everything you need in a new city.


  1. Hopper

This app has a cute design and sends you alerts of good deals on flights or accommodation.

You can find out if it’s ok to book now or wait until the prices drop and even choose a destination and see when it’s most convenient to go.

Best for: Planning a new trip.

Therefore, the phone is a very important tool when we travel and this is because we have access to many applications that make our journey
easier, either we want a car rental application or cultural tips.