A good rental car, the first steps to a successful holiday

Important points to consider when renting a car

• Read the contract carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions if certain points seem vague. This must clearly indicate the conditions of use of the car, the duration of the rental and the rates applied.
• Check the conditions regarding the return of the vehicle, including the opening hours of the agency or the possibility of returning to another city.
• In the presence of an agent of the rental company, make an inspection of the condition of the car. Report any cracks, scratches or impacts to avoid being charged to you when you return the vehicle. Remember to also review the condition of the vehicle interior.
• Feel free to compare the mileage of the car with the one on your rental contract. This precaution will keep you from bad surprises, especially if you opt for a limited mileage formula. Keep a copy of the contract and the vehicle check sheet with you to avoid any subsequent disputes.
• Note the telephone numbers of the rental agency and its location to contact quickly if necessary.
• It is best to plan your route and rent a GPS if necessary.
• Do not forget to inquire about the speed limit and the Highway Code in force in your country of destination.

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