A good rental car, the first steps to a successful holiday

Holidays are a great time to break the daily monotony and get off to a good start. Renting a car from rental24h car rental to discover an idyllic destination often represents a saving compared to other means of transport, but above all gives you the freedom to move at your own pace and according to your desires. However, some precautions and attention should be paid to certain points in order to prevent the trip from turning into a nightmare or a financial abyss.

A car model for every getaway

To choose the most appropriate rental car for your holiday, it is important to define in advance the desired use. So, if you have to make many short trips, a small model will save you money on both rental and fuel costs.

Families can choose sedans that offer optimal comfort or opt for minivans, especially if the luggage is bulky. Off-road vehicles are the ideal means of transportation for those who are attacking destinations where roads and trails are in poor condition or who are considering exploring sites away from paved roads.
It is also useful to evaluate the number of kilometres to cover in order to choose the offer that will most closely match your budget. If possible, opt for the “unlimited mileage” option, although it is rarely offered in Europe during the holidays.

How to find the best offers?

Once you have defined the car model that suits you, it is wise to compare the offers of the different rental agencies. Online services save you time and allow you to evaluate rental companies in a few clicks. It should also be noted that rental rates when booking via the Internet are often lower than those offered on site.


In addition to the price, you must take into account certain criteria such as insurance, options offered or the time required to return the vehicle. You can also see if the company is in charge of refuelling when you return. If this is the case, you must plan additional expenses for the purchase of fuel, which will be billed to you by the company.

When to book the car?

Booking a rental car for your holiday has undeniable advantages. Ideally, this should be done one month before your departure. Indeed, rental prices increase as the handing over of the vehicle keys approaches. In addition, this option gives you the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts offered by some online rental companies and to spend the last few weeks before departure on other aspects of the trip such as administrative formalities or accommodation.

What about supplementary insurance?

Depending on your needs, it is recommended to read about the basic and supplementary insurance required before departure. As a general rule, basic insurance is included in the rental price of the car. This mainly concerns personal injury and material damage suffered by a third party and its vehicle. Depending on the risks specific to your destination, you may request additional insurance to better cover yourself.

It is also advisable to find out the amount of the deductible and the coverage exclusions. Some rental agencies offer a reduction of the deductible, or even its coverage. Thus, additional coverage can be provided to the driver and passengers in the event of an accident, up to a predefined limit.

The security deposit in the car rental

A necessary condition for car rental, the security deposit is used to cover any damage that may occur during the rental period as well as any expenses billed to the customer. It is advisable to inquire about the amount in advance. Generally, this amount decreases significantly if you have all-risk insurance.

Important points to consider when renting a car

• Read the contract carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions if certain points seem vague. This must clearly indicate the conditions of use of the car, the duration of the rental and the rates applied.
• Check the conditions regarding the return of the vehicle, including the opening hours of the agency or the possibility of returning to another city.
• In the presence of an agent of the rental company, make an inspection of the condition of the car. Report any cracks, scratches or impacts to avoid being charged to you when you return the vehicle. Remember to also review the condition of the vehicle interior.
• Feel free to compare the mileage of the car with the one on your rental contract. This precaution will keep you from bad surprises, especially if you opt for a limited mileage formula. Keep a copy of the contract and the vehicle check sheet with you to avoid any subsequent disputes.
• Note the telephone numbers of the rental agency and its location to contact quickly if necessary.
• It is best to plan your route and rent a GPS if necessary.
• Do not forget to inquire about the speed limit and the Highway Code in force in your country of destination.

To enjoy a peaceful holiday, it is better to choose a rental car from rental24h car rental. From the precise identification of your needs to the selection of the best provider, nothing should be left to chance. Subscribing for good insurance also allows you to stay calm, even in the event of an accident.