5 of The Best Luxury Cars To Travel in 2019

Whether you got a huge Christmas bonus or just want to blow the youngsters’ inheritance in 2019, there’re plenty of luxurious cars arriving this year to lighten your wallet.

In times past, a luxurious automobile only needed a powerful engine, a herd’s worth of leather, and acres of wood trim, to woo shoppers. Times have really changed.

Technology is the new benchmark in the luxury segment, and every car manufacturer needs to provide a wide array of advanced features to remain relevant.

The competitive luxury car sector is now bigger than ever; it is grown to include many convertibles, coupes, SUVs, limousines and sedans.

Here is a sneak peek at the hottest luxury cars rolling out for 2019:

1. 2019 Bentley Continental GT

The 2019 Continental GT is revamped for 2019 with additional fine-tuning nose to tail. It has a powerful W12 engine, which gets this heavy and large coupe up to 60 mph in a just 3.6 seconds.

An automatically controlled suspension attunes the ride and handling capabilities corresponding to selectable modes.

The four-seat car’s interior is perfectly decorated in a piano-black finish, hand-trimmed in wood, and rich leather.

2. 2019 Audi A7

This puppy is spruced up for the new model year, continuing to offer dazzling combined with remarkable utility.

The revamped 2019 Audi A7 Sportback is large, luxurious, and certainly dominant. The A7 Sportback is a 5-door hatch with a sleek roofline and more cargo space compared to the A6 sedan.

Similar to the A6, the new 2019 A7 uses a turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6 engine with 340 hp and 369 lb.-ft. of torque. A mild hybrid setup decreases turbo lag right off the line and increases overall fuel efficiency.

The engine pairs to a standard Quattro all-wheel drive and 7-speed S-tronic automatic manual transmission.

3. 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace is the first electric car from a mainstream manufacturer to take on the likes of Tesla Models X and S.

The I-Pace majors on striking design and interior quality, while offering a touring range of about 215 miles. With two 197bhp electric motors, it is fast too.

The I-Pace can reach up to 270km (168 miles) of range per hour and has a 50kW DC rapid charger – the kind found at almost all public charging stations.

4. 2019 BMW 7 Series

In spite of being a gigantic car, BMW’s latest 7 Series flagship is cool to drive, though its chief rivals – the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 – ride more comfortably.

The 7 Series is refined and economical, and it comes with plenty of impressive gadgets; for instance, you can control its infotainment functions with hand gestures and park it remotely using the key.

5. 2019 Mercedes E-Class

The newest E-Class has a broad remit, but there is no denying that it is a true luxury coupé. Its classy and elegant interior is rich with technology – incorporating a huge digital instrument display.

It might not be as exciting to drive as some rivals, but the E-Class is perfect if you are on the hunt for comfort, and the 220d diesel engine is very efficient.

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